Science Centre 29 Hornsey Road N7 7DD

Directions: Cross Holloway Road in front of Holloway Road tube station and go down the Hornsey Road towards Arsenal BC. 25 metres down the road you will see the SCIENCE CENTRE entrance on the left hand side. Enter through the glass doors, tick your name on the security list and proceed into the hall.


  • Air-conditioned hall
  • Changing rooms, showers, water fountain
  • Free parking at the yellow line (free after 6.30)
  • Security at the entrance

Tower Building 166-220 Holloway Rd, N7 8DB

Directions: To the right of Holloway Road underground station (across the road) you will see a 12-storey grey building with ‘London Metropolitan University’ sign on it. You will need to cross 2 roads to get to the building. Enter through the rolling glass doors of the Tower opposite to the ST bus station. When coming in, just tell security that you are here for badminton, tick your name (if there is no your name, TICK ANY name), or write your real name on the list. Wait until you see someone with rackets and follow them to the hall. If you are lost in the call Nikita or Vinh 0797-41-777-07, we will try to rescue you!