All you need to know to get a coaching lesson

If you are looking for One to One badminton coaching or group coaching, this section will help you find a coach and gives you all the information you need.

What is One to One coaching?

During One to One coaching session you work privately with a qualified badminton coach.

One to One coaching is regarded as one of the most effective ways to learn technique, footwork and tactics of badminton in a time-constrained environment.

Who will be coaching me?

All recommended coaches are former or current titled professional badminton players. You will hardly ever meet players of that level at your local club session.

I am a beginner/intermediate/advanced player. Will that be useful for me?

It is good to establish correct technique at the beginning. A coach will take you through the basics so that you could quit the ‘beginners’ camp as quickly as possible. Usually those who learn good habits from the very start have better potential to reach higher level.

Intermediate and advanced players are given the same exercises that professionals do at their daily routine practice, including multi-shuttle exercises, consistency and strength training. All exercises are tailored to the needs of a player.  During the session 70-80% of your maximum heart rate is kept as a guideline for cardio-vascular conditioning for better stamina and endurance.

What are the costs?

One hour coaching session costs £20-30 (including shuttles) depending on a coach and location. Court hire at the LondonMet’s Science Centre or Tower is £5 per hour. Court hire in other venues may vary (Sobell leisure centre – from £10).

Can I come do a doubles training?

Yes, that would be £5 extra. If you don’t have a partner we will try to find a partner for you. It is also a good way of sharing costs.

If I commit myself, do I get a discount?

Yes, when booking 10 hours in advance, you get 1 session free! For example if a coach charges £20 per hour and court hire is £5, the total cost for 11 hour coaching course would be £255.

I run a club and quite a few members thought it might be helpful to get some coaching. Can you arrange that?

Yes, a group coaching can be arranged at home or an external venue at cost of £30 per hour.

Can I get a coaching lesson in my area?

You can book a session in any venue close to you. If you would like to take a session at your local venue, we will link you with a coach available in that area.

So, how do I book?

Use contact details on the right hand side.

And how to I pay?

You can pay by cash or bank transfer to the coach’s account.

How long does it take to improve?

Provided you take one session per week and attend one free play club night, you will feel the change in a couple of sessions. At least you will start noticing your mistakes and mistakes of the others, which means you can work on your technique yourself in your own time.  To make a fundamental shift in your technique and fitness a couple of month would be a rough estimate.


Nikita Kolomnin have been in badminton for 17 years. Currently he represents Middlesex County in the inter-county championships playing for the 1st and 2nd teams. Nikita has 7 years of experience in One2One and group coaching, doing 15-20 hours of individual and group coaching a week as well as working for London schools.  In 2008 Nikita obtained Level 2 certificate of coaching badminton. Sponsored by Carlton.

Currently he is an Accounting and Finance degree student at London Metropolitan University.

Home venue: Science Centre and Tower located at Holloway Road tube station.


[Hey Niki,

Just a quick note that I been really enjoying our training sessions as I am finally learning more about the only game I could ever play. Great coaching! Will do more of the wrist action and footwork in my other social games…]

Valery Sharypova have been in badminton for 15 years and have coached througout her badminton career. She represents Middlesex county and often reffered to as badminton’s Maria SharApova.

Valery is an Arts student at London Metropolitan University, specialising in Jewelry design and production.

Home venue: Science Centre and Tower located at Holloway Road tube station.


Ronald Ridge (left), was coached by Morten Frost, a worldwide badminton legend of the past. Ronald together with Nikita won a Middlesex restricted tournament 2009, becomming №1 double in the county. Ronald is a badminton development officer for the East London boroughs.

Home venues: Bishop Challoner at Witechapel, Science Centre at Holloway.

Nik Ron

Joel Gayle (left) was under 19 England MS winner. Sponsored by Ashaway. He represents Essex 1st team at Inter counry championships and his resent results on professional arena are empressive:

Oxford challenger – mixed doubles Gold winner
Hertfordshire satellite – mens double Gold winner
Sussex elite – mixed doubles Gold winner

Home venue: Science Centre, The Queensbridge Centre

Joel and Ronald

Foad Nasserzadeh was member of Iran badminton national team for 9 years. He represented Iran in many international tournaments e.g.: Asian Championships. He was finalist in 2005 West Asian Games and his best world ranking was 142 in 2005. He worked with 3 world class Chinese coaches in last 16 years and he has been coaching different levels of players from beginners to advance since 7 years ago.

Working Area: North London & Science Centre

Contacts: 0798 8205 447

Email to: